Jose Mourinho will offer £155m for Paulo Dybala

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Jose Mourinho will offer £155m for Paulo Dybala

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We all know that Manchester United aren’t shy of spending the big bucks to get the players they want, which is beneficial considering the state of the current transfer market. Recent news suggests that Portuguese manager is adamant on bringing Paulo Dybala to Old Trafford.

The news comes from the Mirror, who suggest that the Manchester club have been told the transfer is possible. The Italian giants have a healthy transfer relationship with
Jose Mourinho’s reds already, following the £89m record breaking move for Paul Pogba last summer.
Juventus have revealed that Paulo Dybala is in control of his own future, because they did not include a release clause in his current contract, that could prove costly to the Old Lady.

As always with transfers, it won’t be as easy as just offering the money, they’ll have a pretty big competitor to deal with. Barcelona are well known admirers of the Argentine and it has been said that the Catalans will move in for him in the winter.

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